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Fungicides and Disease Control

Lawn Fungus Control

  • Controls brown patch, dollar spot and other common lawn diseases
  • Suppresses summer patch diseases including Fusarium blight and necrotic ring spot
  • Problem solving without applying fertilizer
What It Controls

Controls or suppresses the following turf diseases: snow mold, brown patch, dollar spot, leaf spot, red thread, stripe smut, copperspot, anthracnose, Fusarium blight, necrotic ring spot, summer patch.

How to Apply
  • Apply with a drop-type or rotary spreader. For best results with a rotary spreader, apply during a calm period of the day. If necessary to apply when a breeze is blowing, move in the direction of the wind to prevent material from blowing toward the operator.
  • To cure lawn diseases when symptoms indicate advanced stages, apply at the DOUBLE RATE and follow with the NORMAL RATE preventive program.
  • For prevention of dollar spot, copper spot, red thread, anthracnose, stripe smut, Fusarium patch and brown patch, apply to dry or moist foliage at the NORMAL RATE when disease activity is noted or suspected, then repeat at 2-3-week intervals. During periods of high day and night temperature and humidity, treatment intervals may need to be shortened to achieve best brown patch control.
  • For suppression of summer patch diseases (summer patch, Fusarium blight, and necrotic ring spot), apply at the DOUBLE RATE every 30 days (beginning in late spring to early summer). Three to five applications may be necessary for season-long suppression. Water immediately after application and keep turf from becoming drought stressed by watering (1 inch) weekly.
  • Allow 1 week between application of this and other control products. (This guideline may be relaxed where a severe insect or disease attack requires immediate treatment.
  • It is not necessary to water in immediately. However, water is required before product will be activated.

When to Apply
  • To prevent fungus disease, apply to a dry or moist lawn at the preventative rate when disease activity is noted or suspected; repeat at two to three week intervals beginning in late spring to early summer during periods of high day and night temperatures and humidity. Treatment intervals my be needed to achieve the best brown patch control.
  • To control a lawn fungus problem, apply at the curative rate.
  • For severe problems, re-treatment intervals may be necessary to achieve control.

Where to Use

Bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, Poa annua, Bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass, ryegrass, fine fescue, tall fescue or mixtures where these grasses predominate.